Infociudadano (2010-2013)

Between 2010 and 2014 we published Infociudadano.com, a Venezuelan news portal which offered citizens the possibility to publish information about current an local affairs y Venezuela, so the information can be disseminated in the international media and community. In that period of time we conducted educational activities through our website and presence on Twitter and Facebook. Today our project is led by a strong group of Venezuelan journalists in Barquisimeto (Venezuela), as infociudadano.net.


Luz tras las rejas (Light Behind Bars)

We supported the exhibition of Julio Rodriguez’ drawings (Miami November 11, 2012). Julio Rodriguez was a Venezuelan political prisoner who found in art a way to communicate his thoughts about democracy and liberty. This was a charity show produced by Venezuela Awareness Foundation, and we developed the internet and social media diffusion.


Por sus frutos los conocerán (You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits)

In 2011 we edited a e-book that is a compendium of texts about Venezuela’s situation. It was an original idea of Carlos Elio Mora, a Venezuelan professor who teaches at Michigan University. He invited several Venezuelan specialists to write about his specific areas of knowledge about ten years in Venezuela, they studies issues such as oil companies, power and electric crisis, insecurity and crime, elections, human rights, among others. We asked Mr. Mora about contents with verifiable data, and authors with a significant role as active citizens. He compiled an interesting group of authors who wrote texts for understanding the citizens of other countries the situation in Venezuela.

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