We are an organization devoted to empower communities through digital resources. We believe that educated citizens are more capable to be advocates from their communities.

Today communities demand an empowered citizenry. And with an efficient use of digital tools, Internet and social media, we can do that. The right way to do it is building a strong net of human relations, capable to make changes in their community. If ordinary people have the technological tools and learn how to use it, we can multiply the single effect of mainstream media.

Milagros González

Executive Director.

Museologist and Historian born in Caracas in 1970. Gonzalez worked as a researcher at the Fine Arts Museum and the National Art Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela, between 1998 and 2009. In 2007 she published a book, De la Colección a la Nacion. Aventuras de los intelectuales en los Museos de Caracas. 1874-1940 (From Collection to Nation. Adventures of Venezuelan intellectuals in the museums of Caracas. 1874-1940), Polar Foundation, Caracas, 2007.
Based in Miami since 2009, between 2010 and 2014 Gonzalez worked as Chief Editor of Infociudadano. Since 2014 she works as Research Coordinator for IAM Venezuela (Institutional Assests and Monuments from Venezuela), and since 2017 at IAMonuments (Institutional Assests and Monuments).