Give Voice to Your Living Heritage

We plan to offer audio storytelling workshops for communities. Traditions, representations and expressions are handed down from generation to generation. The purpose of our workshops is to provide participants with methodological tools which will enable them to formulate interviews, start a digital archive of testimonies as well as start doing podcasts about their living heritage.

Documenting intangible heritage manifestations gives strength to cultures and provides a sense of identity.

Our goal is that participants will be able to produce a public audio digital archive of testimonies and podcasts about the people who represent them and their cultural practices and representations to help its preservation.


To produce 2 workshops for 20 people each where participants will learn:

  1. Fundamental knowledge on immaterial heritage
  2. How to recognize important characters in their communities that represent their culture.
  3. How to produce a deep interview.
  4. How to produce an engaging story.
  5. How to use digital tools to archive, index and catalogue audio content.
  6. How to use editing tools to produce podcasts.
  7. How to publish their audio stories and share them.

This outcome of this workshop will be a public archive of audio testimonies and podcasts stored and published on, a digital platform to process audio content. The recordings will also be published on the website of the Institutional Assets and Monuments organization (, created to protect and disseminate knowledge about cultural heritage.This public archive of recording can also help foster future content interchange with other Florida media outlets connected with Cuban culture.

The archive will have

  • 60-80 testimonies of relevant people connected to traditions and cultural practices.
  • 20-30 podcasts produced combining a couple of interviews and explain a specific living heritage.